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ARC Review: ‘Rewrite the Stars’ by Charleigh Rose


4.5 ‘Enjoy the sun’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author via Enticing Journey in exchange for an honest review.

I am seriously becoming more and more addicted to Charleigh Rose’s books! I was all over when she announced she was writing a new standalone book set in a carnival that involved two people from very different worlds falling in love. I mean, doesn’t it sound great? Now I can confirm it totally does because, again, Charleigh’s newest novel was simply wonderful to read. Get ready for the roller coaster that Evangeline and Sebastian are about to give you, guys! Trust me, it’s a good one.

So, Rewrite the Stars is Charleigh’s newest release and it’s a standalone new adult romance. It’s the love story between Evangeline Thorne and Sebastian McAllister. Evan comes from a rich family with a good reputation but she is bored of her life and seeks more. That “more” happens when she meets Sebastian in a carnival where he works in a stunt spectacle. The sparks are instant, they share a life-changing encounter that, unfortunately, does not end well. Two years pass, now Evan is eighteen and she wants to escape her current life. Everything changes when she starts working in the carnival and the sparks between her and Sebastian continue being unstoppable. Yes, their journey will have lots of obstacles and also lots of emotions. Will they get their happy ending? Read it to found out!

How ironic that the person who caused all my problems was also the one to give me a way to cope with them? 

Wow, that was quite an experience, let me tell ya! I already knew I would very likely enjoy this novel because I love how Charleigh develops her stories and the relationships in them. Rewrite the Stars is mysterious, entertaining, sexy, suspenseful and simply magical. I loved all the theme around the carnival, reading all about it and the people travelling in it. I especially loved the four Sons of Eastlake and the whole secrecy around their family history. It got pretty intense sometimes and emotional too and I really loved that.

Hope is a dangerous thing when you’re a McAllister. 

Of course, though, my favorite was the chemistry between the main couple. Evan and Sebastian share lots of moments, full of sexual tension, angst, sexiness and feelings. Their connection is explosive and I loved how they found happiness and peace with one another. I do wish though that the epilogue was a bit more developed because I wanted to read more about their HEA. It was not an easy journey but now they are rewriting their story together and, yes, it’s a happy one.

It wasn’t the carnival I was drawn to. It was Sebastian. That wasn’t a coincidence. If anything, that was fate. 

Therefore, my rating for Rewrite the Stars is 4.5 STARS because I really enjoyed Charleigh’s take on the theme of carnivals and how she developed more into this magical and secretive world with Evan and Sebastian’s love story. Of course, she killed it with the burning chemistry between the main couple and with the amazing list of secondary characters. Who else is curious about the other three Sons of Eastlake? Because this girl is! I am not sure if Charleigh will write more about them but if she does, I will be all over it! Again, she did a fantastic job with this new adult romance and I highly recommend it!

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