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Review: ‘The Kiss Thief’ by L.J. Shen

4 ‘My Nemesis’ Stars!

Holy Mother, that surely was one hell of a roller coaster! I fell in love with L.J. Shen after finishing Dirty Headlines and I was definitely excited when she announced this book. And yes, I was also scared to death because I knew The Kiss Thiefwould be “darker” than my first book from hers and it also has a love triangle (which normally I do not enjoy much).

He was hell wrapped in a heavenly rugged mask. He was fire. Gorgeous to the eye, lethal to the touch. 

However, Leigh Shen is an amazing writer. She is so talented! I was completely engaged to this story, my emotions were all over the place and I really, really enjoyed it. Oh yes, it also (for sure) it takes a while to understand why Wolfe is such an asshole to Francesca but he definitely grew on me, especially the second half of the book. I loved reading this unique love story, I loved the building of the relationship between Wolfe and his Nemesis and I adored the ending! So many surprises, emotions and love all over!

“It is you that I love. It is you whom I want. It is you whom makes living a spectacular thing I want to experience, rather than participate in reluctantly, every day.” 

Guys, if you are fans of Leigh or you want to read a fresh, gripping and emotional love story, be sure to check The Kiss Thief because I am pretty sure it will not leave you indifferent. So many things happen in this novel, so many feelings, a great list of characters and a couple that will work their way into your heart. So yeah, I am definitely not complaining. I cannot wait to see what is coming next from L.J. Shen, I can assure you that!

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