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Review: ‘Work in Progress’ by Staci Hart

5+ ‘My ridiculous husband’ Stars!

Ladies and gents, I just finished my first 5+ star of 2019. I knew when I started reading Staci’s books last year that I would enjoy her stories a whole lot and I am so glad I wasn’t wrong. I fell in love with all the characters in the Red Lipstick Coalition in Piece of Work and I just knew Amelia’s story would be special. So special that has left me as a puddle of melted happiness after finishing this outstanding love story.

So, Work in Progress takes us back to the Red Lipstick Coalition world and now it’s time for the nerdy and shy bibliophile in the crew to find her match. And this romantic comedy that is also in the marriage of convenience troupe was the most perfect way for Amelia to find her soulmate. She meets Thomas Bane, sexy bad boy and bestselling author, and he peels of every layer surrounding her. How does the marriage of convenience thing happens? Well, Tommy is having a writers block, his behaviour is putting his career in danger and he needs a guardian angel to save him: sweet, innocent Amelia. That is the start of this flawless love story.

“You’re unconventional, Amelia Hall.” I angled closer. “And I like it.” 

Work in Progress is my favorite book to date by Staci Hart. Yes, I have only read the other two stories about the RLC crew (and they are SO good), but this is definitely my favorite. Any shy bookworm out there can see herself in Amelia, and that is what happened to me. I AM exactly like Amelia and I loved every second of reading how she comes out of her shell and becomes even more amazing than she already is. And Tommy.. *sigh* I am IN LOVE. Can I have him for my birthday? Because he completely stole my heart. He is not the bad boy you imagine he is, he simply is a stunning man, inside and out. He is sweet, funny, humble, sexy and completely devoted to the people he loves. Can’t you tell how much I loved him?

“Can I have you?”
Four devastating words, and my will crumbled into dust. “Only if I can have you, too.”

“How in the world did you choose me, Tommy?”
“There was no choice to be made.” 

This couple was simply everything. Everything was perfect. They work so well together, they have a beautiful connection and a chemistry that happens to be mindblowing and explosive. They are so smitten with each other that I melted all over. Gah, this book! Who does not love a bookworm finding the love of her life in a hot and captivating man, am I right? I just loved Tommy and Amelia together SO much. They were adorable and heartwarming, their relationship is so special and unique and the chemistry is off-the-charts HAWT! I loved every moment of Work in Progress, including that touching and happy ending.

“I will rewrite the stars. I will shake the heavens and mark them with your name. Because without you, I am lost.” 

So, of course, I am rating Work in Progress with my special 5+ STARS because there was nothing I did not love about the feelings I felt while reading this wonderful piece of writing. This novel is heartwarming, funny, charming, steamy and emotional. I couldn’t find a single flaw in this book and that is why I have to give this rating. I love Staci Hart so hard for writing this story because I believe any booklover like myself will find herself 100% identified and compelled by these characters and their epic romance. Highly, HIGHLY recommend reading it!

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