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Review: ‘Free’ by Kristen Ashley

3.5-4 ‘Chaos Free Legacy’ Stars!

Well, Chaos is finally free. It’s so sad to say goodbye to all these characters that I have loved through the years but I am so glad they found their peace in the end. In typical (but a bit twisted) KA’s Chaos style, we finally get Rush Allen’s story (Tack’s son) and let me tell you, he is very much like his father! Rebel is the perfect woman for him and together they work so well. I loved going back to the Chaos world for one last time.

You had to know what you wanted to get it. You had to know it was right before you went for it. You had to pull out all the stops to make it yours. And you had to treat it right when you got it. 

I do have to say, as always, I have crazy high expectations when it comes to Kristen Ashley. Especially if we are talking about a series I love and its final installment. Was I expecting more than what I got? Absolutely. Did I enjoy what I actually read? Heck yes, most of it I enjoyed! But, I got lost sometimes because there are SO MANY POV in Free, many of them (in my opinion) unnecessary. If you haven’t read this series and probably most of KA’s contemporary, I am pretty sure you’ll get lost (even I was lost sometimes and I have read most of KA’s works!). And even mixing people from her Honey series? Mm.. I do not get why she did that. Also, normally Kristen’s famous epilogues blow my mind with emotions and yes, I surely enjoyed this one seeing everyone free and so happy, but I still expected more.

“It’ll be okay,” she whispered.
“How do you know?” he whispered back.
“Because it’s time for you all to be free.”

Besides that, again, I am sad to say goodbye, especially to Tack, Tyra, their children and the whole Chaos crew. I am so glad they’ve found their peace, freedom and happiness and I will never forget them. I was happy to read more about all of them again and seeing Rush and Rebel fall in love and become Chaos’ legacy. Yes, I do wish this book would have been more focused on the actual main couple. And I do wish there weren’t so many POV. But I still liked it because I adore this series so much. So I decided to rate Free with 3.5-4 STARS. My love for Chaos is FOREVER, even if the final installment wasn’t exactly what I expected. These characters will always have a special place in my heart!

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