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Review: ‘Wicked Beautiful’ by J.T. Geissinger

4.5 ‘Hearts can’t lie’ Stars!

I’ve been wanting to check out J.T. Geissinger’s work for a while now, since I had the first two books of this series on my Kindle for years! Let me say, I am so glad I decided to give this one a go because I enjoyed it thoroughly! Wicked Beautiful is the story of two sweethearts that separated in very heartbreaking and mysterious circumstances and this book has this “hate to love” and “second chance” romance feel to it that I absolutely adored.

Man-hating is big business. I’ve built my entire empire on it. 

Victoria and Parker are such strong and unique characters. Victoria made sure to become the Queen Bitch after Parker disappears from her life but I loved seeing her vulnerabilities after they reunite. Parker does not remember her (Victoria also made that sure with surgeries and name changes) but he feels a strong connection towards her. I do believe deep down he knew Victoria was Isabel. I loved this story so much, these characters, the angst, the mindblowing chemistry and that roller coaster of emotions. So glad these two got their second chance and their much deserved HEA!

Here we sit, two broken hearts, two ruined souls, two stunted, loveless people staring at the ghosts of their former selves hanging on the walls.

He is, and will always be, the center of my universe, the axis on which everything else turns. 

I am definitely reading more of J.T. Geissinger’s novels now. I am so ready and excited to read the next book in the Wicked Games series: Tabby and Connor’s back and forth in this book was to die for! Guys, if you haven’t check this author yet, please do, I highly recommend it!

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