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Review: ‘Heat Stroke’ by Tessa Bailey

5 ‘Love in a cage’ Stars!

I just got my first taste of Tessa Bailey MM romance goodness and I want moooooore! I love me some man on man action and I knew queen Tessa would not disappoint me. The woman definitely did a fantastic job with Heat Stroke, the second book of her Beach Kingdom series. I freaking devoured this book in one sitting because everything in it just so freaking amazing.

He was like an addict who couldn’t resist the pull of one more hit. One more hit. 

Gah, these two men together are to die for. This was funny, entertaining, sexy AF and so beautifully emotional. I loved Jamie and Marcus together. They are complete opposites but they just work so well as a couple. I love their personalities, Jamie is out, ready for a relationship, a great brother and oh-so-bossy and Marcus is confused, discovering his sexuality, protective and so loving with Jamie. I loved how this relationship was developed and seeing these two fall in love.

“Give me the first, last and only chance you ever give another person to be your everything.” 

Absolutely adored every single word of Heat Stroke. Again, not surprised because Tessa Bailey is my queen and she kills it every single time. I really liked the start of this series but this book has just become my favorite. I can’t get over how much I loved these two men together! So glad they found their HEA (which was freaking adorable, btw!). I can’t wait to read the final story about Andrew and Jiya! Tessa is such a tease and these two sound so good together. Guys if you haven’t checked this series yet, please do. You have to meet Jamie and Marcus and the whole crew!


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