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Review: ‘What If’ Duet by Nina Lane

412248614.5 ‘My chocolate factory’ Stars!

What a fantastic prequel to what it looks it will be an equally fantastic duet! I’ve wanted to read the What If Duet by Nina Lane for a while now but I never seemed to find the time to do it. I decided today was the day!

I absolutely adore anything this woman writes and, after reading this short presentation of the duet and its main characters, I am already invested in it. I’ve fallen for Cole and Josie and the start of their love story. I can’t wait to start the other two books so I am starting If We Fall right this second! I am sure it will be a roller coaster of emotions and I am ready for it!


4 ‘You happened to me’ Stars!

OMG, I am literally devouring this duet! This love story is freaking intense as hell. It got dramatic, emotional and hearbreaking for Josie and Cole. So many things I did not expect to happen (that broke my heart in two) but what still remained is the connection and love between this amazing couple. I love Nina Lane’s writing, I love how she develops her stories and her characters and these two are no exception. We even got a short appearance of Professor West! I got so excited! lol

Now, again, If We Fall is a roller coaster of emotions, with lots of ups and downs and a couple with lots of mixed feelings and crazy hot chemistry. Who is complaining? Not this girl! I really am loving Cole and Josie together. However, I am starting the next book right now, especially after that cliffhanger. My God, I need more!


4 ‘Let’s fly, Josie Bird’ Stars!

Finally we get the answers to everything that happened in the past and Josie and Cole get their much deserved happily ever after! I loved reading this love story, seeing how it started, how it developed into so much more, how emotional it got and how finally everything sees the light. This book / duet was definitely intense! I love this couple, their journey together and their chemistry. Nina, as always, does not dissapoint in any department!

I do wish we got more happy moments for the couple and a longer ending but, as a whole, I really enjoyed If We Fly. Another beautiful love story with outstanding characters by one of my favorite writers and I can’t wait to see what is next from her. I hope we get more stories of the people we met in the What If duet, especially Charlotte. Highly recommend checking out this emotional duet and Nina Lane’s stories if you still haven’t!

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