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ARC Review: ‘Passion on Park Avenue’ by Lauren Layne

3.5 ‘Solving the puzzle’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author via Netgalley.

A new series from Lauren Layne about love stories in the city that never sleeps? Oh yeah, as you probably know I definitely got curious since I enjoy everything this woman writes! I am always excited when Lauren starts a new series and after reading this book, I can say I am surely ready for the other two books. I do have to say though, even though I loved this new crew of characters, I found myself a bit underwhelmed after finishing this story, I was just expecting a bit more.

Passion on Park Avenue is the first installment in Lauren’s new series called Central Park Pact and it is focused on three women who meet in Central Park after discovering they were involved with the same man. They decide to make a pact and stop each other from falling for bad boys ever again. Naomi Powell is the protagonist of this book and she is a self-made woman, proud of what she has achieved. Her past though is still on her mind, especially when she moves in next to the people that ruined it. Oliver Cunningham does not remember her but he is decided to found all the pieces in her puzzle. Will they be able to leave the past behind and fall in love?

“It’s hard for you, huh?” he said with faux sympathy.
“Dealing with your attraction to me.”

So, this book is definitely slow paced. The slow burn is definitely there and very well developed. The chemistry between Oliver and Naomi is beautiful when it finally starts showing. But, in my opinion, it took too long to appear. Their actual “relationship” takes too much to start and I definitely missed the climax of that slow burn. Passion on Park Avenue is surely on the sweet, lower steam side. I missed seeing more of these two as a couple, I missed having some sexy times (because I adore how Lauren writes them) and everything felt rushed in the end to me.

Did I enjoy the story? Of course I did! I loved the characters, I loved the couple and I loved the theme and how it is focused in New York. I loved the friendship between Naomi, Audrey and Claire and I loved already seeing the other two heroes too (Scott and Clarke). I loved what I saw of Oliver and Naomi actually together but I wanted more. I missed seeing more their interactions as a couple and the romantic and sensual side of their relationship. Still, I enjoyed the story as a whole and I am curious to read the next two in the series.

To give them a chance, he needed to get them beyond the walls of 517 Park Avenue, to show her -to show himself- that they could make it in the real world. 

Therefore, my rating for Passion on Park Avenue is 3.5 STARS. You all know my reasons by now if you have read the whole review. A sweet, slow paced love story of hate to love in Lauren Layne’s style! I enjoyed it but I expected more. The slow burn was so great and I wanted the explosion of that chemistry and feelings more developed. As I said, I still will check out the other stories because I want to read what happens with Audrey and Clarke and Claire and Scott.

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