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Review: ‘Fix Her Up’ by Tessa Bailey

4.5 ‘Sweet man. Strong man’ Stars!

Of course, queen Tessa Bailey strikes again! This time with a new series that starts oh-so-sweetly! And in typical Bailey style, we get a love story with a quirky and amazing heroine and a cross but freaking sweet dirty talker. A couple that simply has completely stolen my heart with the development of this “falling for the best friend’s brother” romance.

Fix Her Up is Tessa’s newest release and it is the first installment of her new series: Hot and Hammered. We do meet a group of people that I simply cannot wait to get to know more but this story is focused on Georgie Castle and Travis Ford. Travis has been Georgie’s forever crush and now she is decided to get him back into life. Travis is not in his best moment, especially after losing what he thought was the actual love of his life. But Georgie is about to change everything with a crazy idea of a fake relationship that turns out to be the start of a beautiful love story.

“I see you,” he rasped. “Dammit, Georgie. You had to be exactly what I need, didn’t you?”

How far was she willing to go, when every second together deepened the love she’d always felt? 

You all know by now how much I adore Tessa Bailey. She is one of my top favorite authors and I always get so freaking giddy when she comes with new stuff. The woman simply never disappoints me! She writes unique characters, with fresh and complex personalities and relationships full of banter, sweetness and, let’s not forget it, a scorching hawt chemistry. I mean, I just love that Georgie is a freaking clown! How awesome is that?! I just loved how this quirky woman got under Travis’ skin like no other and brought him back into life. These two, GAH! So much cuteness, sweet moments, sexual tension, emotion and explosive chemistry. OBVIOUSLY, Travis is one heck of a dirty talker and I just melted with his interactions with Georgie. It was impossible not enjoying to see these two fall in love. I do wish we got an epilogue to wrap everything up but the ending was just adorable!

“How do you do that? You… accept me. Exactly as I am. But you still change me for the better.”
I love you. That’s how.

So, I am rating Fix Her Up with 4.5 STARS because Tessa Bailey has given us a stunning new crew to love and this couple and their love story definitely a great way to start. Travis and Georgie are just perfect for each other and the development of their relationship was so freaking cute (and sexy, of course!). You know how much I just adore Tessa’s dirty heroes 😉 And those sassy heroines too! Also, I am so freaking ready for the next story because the woman surely teased us about it throughout the whole book. Guys, if you are fans of Tessa or you enjoy sweet and sexy romantic comedies, do check this one out!


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