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ARC Review: ‘A Lie for a Lie’ by Helena Hunting


5 ‘Safety cuddles’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review..

Can any of you please kick me for waiting this much to read something by Helena Hunting again? I’ve never finished her Pucked series and after how much I enjoyed this upcoming release, I think I need to get right on that because this heartwarming sports romance was so much more than what I expected. I adored every single second of reading it, from start to finish, and I loved RJ and Lainey so much.

A Lie for a Lie is Helena’s first installment in her new series called All In. It’s focused on hockey and, from what I’ve read, it can be considered a spin-off of Helena’s famous Pucked series. It’s the love story between Rookie ‘RJ’ Bowman, the captain of Chicago’s NHL team, and Lainey Carver, the beautiful nerdy woman he meets in a trip to Alaska. The hit it off pretty fast and they live a summer that will change their lives forever. A year later, fate puts them back together but there are some white lies between them that could be the end of their relationship. Will they trust and fall in love all over again?

I think about how I could get used to this—not just the sex, but her. And I wish I’d started this with the truth instead of a lie, because it’s too late to take it back… 

I love a good sports romance and I know Helena Hunting is an expert on that matter. Her Pucked series is highly loved by romance book readers and now I am sure the fans will also enjoy this new one. I got so much into the story, I loved the main couple and their chemistry, I loved how everything developed and the unexpected twists that got quite entertaining and emotional. I loved the secondary characters. I simply loved every single thing about A Lie for a Lie. Literally I could not stop reading!

“I just wanted someone to see me, authentically see me, and I felt like you did. I never felt more like myself than I did when I was with you.” 

Of course, what I enjoyed the most was the relationship between RJ and Lainey. The instant connection, the quirky and funny scenes, the spark, the sexual tension, the chemistry and the feelings. And the little surprise! 😉 Everything was on point for me. And I am sure fans of the Pucked series will enjoy how Helena has linked this new series to those beloved books. And I am sure you’ll also fall in love with RJ, Lainey and the new crew because they are just as amazing: hilarious, smart, sexy and nerdy!

She tastes the same, feels the same—but better. She feels like mine and home and love. 

Therefore, my rating for A Lie for a Lie is 5 STARS because it sure made me fall in love all over again with Helena Hunting’s writing and characters. RJ and Lainey were so sweet and just beautiful together and I loved their chemistry and the interactions with the rest of the characters. After reading this, it sure made me want to go back to the Pucked series, meet those people better and finish the books I haven’t read. And I definitely cannot wait to experience more of this new series too!

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