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ARC Review: ‘Gabriel’s Promise’ by Sylvain Reynard

4 ‘My promise to you’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Starting 2020 next to Professor Emerson.. not a bad way to start, am I right? After quite a few years and many re-reads, Gabriel and his beloved Julianne are back! We weren’t expecting this at all when Sylvain Reynard announced it but it surely was a good surprise for me. I am not complaining because I still consider Gabriel one of the swooniest heroes in romance and trust me, you’ll melt all over seeing him as a Daddy. *sigh*

Gabriel’s Promise is the fourth installment in the series and you can grab it right this second if you want because it’s live today! It starts right after the end of Gabriel’s Redemption so if you still haven’t read that, please be aware there will be SPOILERS ahead. Gabriel and his Beatrice are happily married and with a new and adorable daughter (Clare) and this whole book is about their life as a family, their relationship evolving after marriage and with some suspense in between.

“I will never leave. I will be here with you both, my darling girls, for as long as I live.” 

Gabriel Emerson is, in my opinion, one of the most romantic heroes I’ve had the pleasure to read. His love for Julia is so deep and beautiful and I love how he expresses it (with words and gestures and a whole lot of sexiness!). Well, imagine that love also with his baby daughter. Gabriel is such a good dad and husband and he adores and protects his two girls with his life. Of course, he also continues bringing a whole lot of burning chemistry with his wife. This couple still burns up the pages!

“Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair.” And I will never see anything on this side of Heaven more beautiful than you.

It’s obvious that I really enjoyed having these characters back and reading more about them. However, everything felt quite finished by the end of Gabriel’s Redemption so, was Gabriel’s Promise really necessary? Not really. Yes, as I said, I thoroughly enjoyed Gabriel and Julia’s newest story but sometimes I felt the storyline wasn’t developing anymore, the ending felt a bit rushed to me and some things were left in the air and unfinished. I wished the whole mystery would have been completely solved. Besides that, I loved going back to this story and these beloved characters.

“How fortunate I am to have married my Beatrice and to be lying by her side.” 

Therefore, I am rating Gabriel’s Promise with 4 STARS because it gave us a new development of Gabriel and Julianne’s story, that wasn’t really necessary but it was still lovely and enjoyable to read. Seeing Gabriel and his beloved Beatrice as parents was so adorable and their heartwarming and burning chemistry is definitely still there! If you have enjoyed the other three books and you want a bit more of this wonderful couple, do not hesitate to grab this new installment guys!

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