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ARC Review: ‘Yours in Scandal’ by Lauren Layne


4.5 ‘Mr. Mayor’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I’ll just say it: my favorite Lauren Layne is back! Maybe you are thinking: What is this girl saying? Well, it’s been about a year since my last read from LL and I was just impatiently waiting for this series. Why? Because Lauren said she was going back to her “steamy” version with these books. I totally support her sweet/no steam latest releases but I have to say they weren’t for me. I love a bit of that chemistry developed and Lauren surely did not fail with this one!

Yours in Scandal is the first installment in her Man of the Year series and it focuses on a political golden boy and his relationship with a former wild-child now event planner. Robert Davenport is NYC’s mayor, he is almost done and he wants to prepare his next move. Enter Adeline Blake. She is the daughter’s opponent for the governor seat and his ticket to victory. But what happens when they start spending time together to arrange a party and sparks start flying? Will this become Addie and Robert’s next scandal or will love win?

Interest in Adeline Blake, elite event planner, was one thing. Interest in Addie Brennan, daughter of his future primary opponent and a ticking time bomb of potential scandal, was political suicide. 

I devoured this book in just a few hours so I can definitely assure my love for all things Lauren Layne has not stopped. I love her stories, with sexy, protective suits and charming heroines. And a good dose of sexual tension and burning chemistry. And some drama and all the feels. Yes, Lauren’s newest release has all of that and I am not surprised. She goes back to the romance style I love from her and Yours in Scandal was the perfect sweet and sexy read I was expecting. I loved the premise of the story, the political theme, the crew of characters and, of course, the couple.

She wanted him. She wanted Robert.
Adeline felt the last traces of her resistance crumble. She was stuck in his web. Willingly.

Robert and Addie were wonderful characters. I loved their banter, the sexual tension, the explosive chemistry and the emotions. They were amazing together and as individuals too. Their connection burned the pages and as scandalous as it was, it was oh so worth it. I mean, we all love a love story between two people who apparently are not supposed to end up together, I am right? Well, these two did and it was perfect. I loved their happy ending!

“They’ll be talking about us forever.”
“Good,” he said, pulling her in once more. “Because that’s exactly how long I’ll love you.”

Therefore, I am rating Yours in Scandal with 4.5 STARS because I am so glad I am able to read more of these type of romances from Lauren Layne. You know how much I love many of her series and I am sure I will also love this one since it has such a great start! Opposites attracted, Robert and Addie were so good together and I loved their connection. I also loved the rest of the characters so I am quite eager to know who is next in the series! I am so ready for it!


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