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ARC Review: ‘Tell Me Pretty Lies’ by Charleigh Rose


4.5 ‘Lightning Love’ Stars!

ARC provided via Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

It seems many of us have been waiting for Charleigh Rose’s new release for a while. Now it’s finally here and trust me, the wait was completely worth it! When I think of this author, I expect an engaging story, complex characters, a whole lot of angst and full-on steam and Tell Me Pretty Lies does not lack of any of that. Oh yes, get ready for Thayer and Shayne (and the whole Heartbreak Hill crew) because this ride is sure a wild one!

Tell Me Pretty Lies is a NA romance and it looks like it’s becoming the first installment of a new series called Heartbreak Hill. As I said, it’s the story of Thayer Ames and Shayne Courtland. A forbidden romance that takes a turn after the death of Danny Ames, Thayer and Holden’s brother and Shayne’s step-brother. Thayer and Shayne had an instant connection and a secret relationship but their world is shaken after that tragic event. 9 months after, Shayne is back and lives are turned upside down all over again. Things have changed. Does Thayer really hate her now or is fate making its way in to make sure these two realize they need to be together?

How can you simultaneously love and hate how a person makes you feel? 

I just knew Charleigh would not disappoint us! She keeps working her unique style, with new storylines and characters that I completely fell in love with. I loved Thayer, Shayne, Holden and Valen. What a wonderful crew! I am already loving Heartbreak Hill and all the mysteries around it. Tell Me Pretty Lies is surely a romance but it also has suspense and drama, and that is what made it such an entertaining read. I literally could not stop reading after I started it. I enjoyed every single moment of it and you’ll understand why if you read it too.

“Tell me another lie.” His hand flattens against my stomach and slides beneath my shorts and underwear. My grip on his wrist is loose, hardly a protest. “Tell me more pretty little lies from these pretty little lips.” 

I loved the back and forth between Thayer and Shayne, the hate that is not really hate at all, their past, their connection and the emotions surrounding everything around them. Of course, do not doubt, Charleigh knows how to bring the heat and the chemistry was absolutely off the charts HAWT! But what makes this couple so wonderful is everything, that including their chemistry. I thoroughly enjoyed this whole story, with all its characters and the outstanding couple. So glad these two found their way back to each other after all!

The lightning might have branded my skin, but Shayne branded whatever’s left of my heart. 

Therefore, I am rating Tell Me Pretty Lies with 4.5 STARS because the story was so entertaining, suspenseful, angsty and with some crazy hot and sweet moments that I loved. Thayer and Shayne’s connection was amazing and their chemistry explosive and just perfect! I cannot wait for Hunter’s story because I loved him just as much and I hope he ends with Valen lol Highly recommend this NA romance!

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