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Release Blitz + ARC Review: ‘Darling, Dance with Me’ by Aisling Magic

Darling, Dance with Me by Aisling Magic is LIVE!

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Book InfoTitle: Darling, Dance with Me: A Novella
Author: Aisling Magic
Genre: Romantic Comedy / NA
Release date: July 30th, 2020


Darling, Dance with Me by [Aisling Magic]

After my scumbag of a boyfriend cheats on me, my plan is simple.
1. Run away to college.
2. Find a remedy for this heartache because it’s 𝘯𝘰𝘵 found in ice-cream, contrary to popular belief.

The plan is perfect.

Until a conversation with my crazy roommate, that starts with staying fit and ends with a search for healthy penises, results in me accidentally enrolling us in a kizomba dance class because of the aforementioned quest.


Our dance instructor, Remi, turns out to be a condescending jerk, who enjoys making me squirm under his smoking, amber gaze. When he starts calling me “darling” in that low, husky voice, my dreams turn a little dirty.


But just when I think things are getting better, I find out that sexy Remi has his own secrets…


Revised plan:
1. Avoid the enigmatic dance instructor.
2. Repeat step one over, and over, and over again.

This should be easy, right?

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says "kindleunlimited amazon We're the main characters of our story, and the secondary characters of other people's stories, so in the end, if you're not happy, then your story has yet to be told. told. DAR ING, DANCE WITH ME AISLING MAGIC ΣΝa da Var ling dance *with mi AISLING LING ISLING-MACIO"Amazon:

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3.5 ‘Dancing with you’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I always love to read a good romance novella and I have to say, I was happily impressed and highly entertained with Darling, Dance with Me. Aisling Magic gives us a romantic comedy, full of sweetness, sexual tension and all the emotions. Exactly the quick romantic treat that I needed right now!

I really loved the characters introduced, especially Kaci and Remi (of course!) and also Wylla, Candee and Nicholas. This crew was so loving and gave me plenty of laughing, romantic and emotional moments. I loved how the story was focused on dancing, how that affects differently in people and how it helps in so many ways. I loved the romance and the sweetness between the couple and I loved the familiar feel it brought with Wylla and Remi’s situation.

I do have to say, being a novella, I always miss having the whole story developed because it sure was packed with so many things that I just wish I could know more about. I really connected with these group of characters and I would have loved to know more about them! I missed having Kaci and Remi’s chemistry more developed too but still it was full of tension between them and it sure was sweet so I can’t complain! Overall, Darling, Dance with Me was a quick, entertaining, summer novella that I am sure many romance lovers will enjoy!




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The Author

Aisling Magic is a twenty-something author who can either be found writing about people falling in love or has her nose buried in a book well past her bedtime. She enjoys chocolate, cello music, rainy nights, long drives, traveling the world, and Chris Hemsworth.

About her books: She writes romance stories with a hint of humor. Her heroines may not always be sexy, but are strong, her heroes may not always be the alpha but are dedicated and the families in her stories may not always be related by blood but are all bonded by heart. Aisling likes to pretend she’s the most badass character in her novels but in the real world, she doesn’t even go to the toilet at night without lighting up the house.

She also loves to hear from readers… You may follow her on:

Facebook | Instagram | Bookbub | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Website | Newsletter | Amazon

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