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ARC Review: ‘Yours to Keep’ by Lauren Layne


4.5 ‘Green glitter’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


I devoured this book! Here is the thing: I started it late already and then, for the life of me, I could not stop reading. The back and forth banter between Carter and Olive had me completely ADDICTED. I literally had to stop myself at around 70% because it was SO late. I finished it as soon as I got up and now I can assure again that Lauren Layne is killing it with this series! I loved the first one and I loved this one. This is the LL style that got me hooked on her stories.

Yours to Keep is the second installment in her Man of the Year series and this time it focuses on Carter Ramsey, an injured pro baseball star that goes back to his hometown while recovering and reconnects with his former high school science partner now also neighbor. Olive Dunn happens to be one of Carter’s sister best friends and Cat forces them to spend time together to organize the ten-year class reunion. Friendship begins, sexual tension and sparks engage and a love story neither expected flourishes.

He had just been yanked back into small-town life by an admittedly strange source, and… he didn’t hate it.

I love Lauren Layne’s books. I LOVE THEM. You probably know that by now since I’ve read the majority of them. Yours to Keep is one good example of why I love Lauren’s creations. A drama-free, mid-steam contemporary romance filled with humor, friendship, sexual tension and a beautiful connection. That’s exactly what I got with the always-amazing LL touch. I fell in love with these characters from the start, especially Carter and Olive, of course.

He wanted his dumpy, impersonal rental home, the warmth of Cedar & Salt or his mother’s kitchen. He wanted the stupid red truck he’d become rather attached to. He wanted the noisy high school biology teacher he’d become very attached to.

Carter is just all around good guy who loves baseball, loves his family and now his new found friendship/relationship with Olive. And Olive probably is one of my favorite heroines from Lauren. She is nerdy, loving, chatty and confident. I loved her personality and how it developed. I loved her chemistry with Carter, the banter, the sexual tension, the sexy scenes and the emotions around this couple. There was little to no drama (just a bit with Carter’s ex) and I am always a fan of that! Olive and Carter’s relationship was just beautiful to read and I loved every second.

“What I am is a very smart woman who’s figured out how to have the life I want with the man I want. And that man is you.”

Therefore, I am rating Yours to Keep with 4.5 STARS because this friends-to-lovers romance hooked me from start to finish. I loved Carter and Olive together and how their journey to love developed. I loved their unique friendship and their passionate relationship. This series just reminds me why I love Lauren Layne’s writing so much and I cannot wait to read the third and last installment which I think is about a character we already met in another series. So exciting! US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon AU ~ Amazon CA
~ Available with KindleUnlimited ~

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