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ARC Review: ‘The Roommate’ by Rosie Danan


3.5 ‘Shameless’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Rosie Danan’s debut novel The Roommate definitely caught my attention with its adorable cover and enchanting blurb. I thoroughly enjoy forced proximity books and this got even better when I realized the protagonists were strangers forced to be roommates. Danan’s debut was sweet, full of sexual tension and entertaining and I am glad I decided to give it a go!

So, as I said, The Roommate is Rosie’s first novel and it tells the story of Clara Wheaton and Josh Darling. Clara comes from a wealthy family, she is a socialite and, all of a sudden she has just decided to move in with her best friend / longtime crush. Problem? Emmett has no idea about her feelings and he is leaving on tour with his band. Enter Josh. Her new roommate. A complete stranger who now Clara has to spend the summer with and share the space. Things get even crazier when Clara discovers Josh’s job and she gets involved in it.

Josh was absolutely the bomb. He was a big tangle of hormones trying to lure her to an untimely end. A bomb masked by cheesy jokes and kind eyes. One that could blow up her whole life if triggered at the wrong moment.

The premise of this story is what got me all excited. Roommates, strangers, their backgrounds and sexual tension? Oh yeah, I loved what this novel promised. Did I get what I expected? Yes. And no. I enjoyed the story as a whole and the back and forth between Clara and Josh. Their strange friendship / relationship was exciting and I definitely enjoyed their interactions. I did expect more though. It took me a while to get into the story and the writing style. It felt slow at the start and the actual romance did not develop until the third half of the book. I found that the spark between the couple was missing until that part and that is what messed it up for me. The last half of the book is what gripped me, it was entertaining and I enjoyed how Rosie developed the romance between Josh and Clara.

“My love for you isn’t an addiction. Being with you doesn’t provide some warped sense of validation for my life. You were never a fling I had to get out of my system. Our love feels like… freedom. The kind people give their lives for.”

Therefore, I am rating The Roommate with 3.5 STARS. It gave me a pleasing reading experience but I just was expecting a bit more. It was a good read and I liked the storyline and the crew of characters introduced. I loved Clara and Josh as couple, their strange connection (being from so very opposite backgrounds) and how their chemistry and emotions developed towards the end. A charming and sweet debut novel that I am sure many romance lovers will enjoy!


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