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Review: ‘Playing with Fire’ by L.J. Shen


5 ‘Rising phoenix’ Stars!

People were definitely right when they said Playing with Fire is completely different from any other books L.J. Shen has written. This is not the typical angsty, opposites attract romance. It is so much more. This story is all about Grace and West. These two characters consumed me with their life experiences and their heartbreaking and at the same time heartwarming love story. Leigh continues showing us how crazy talented she is and she has excelled herself with this one.

Playing with Fire is L.J. Shen’s newest standalone and it tells the story of Grace Shaw and West St. Claire. As Leigh describes them, a broken boy on the path to destruction and a scarred girl without direction. How can they work together? This couple is damaged by their pasts, not willing to rise from the ashes and more than comfortable to be in the shadows, especially Grace. It all starts to change when West keeps pushing her to come out of her shell and Grace keeps bringing light in West’s world. But there are obstacles in their way.

“You like being invisible.”
“What’s the problem with that?”
“That you’re not.”

This couple. THIS COUPLE! They completely stole the show. I love L.J. Shen for giving us Grace and West. Grace is flawed and scarred but she rises from the ashes like a phoenix. Leigh did an oustanding job creating a heroine that does not look perfect (when in most of romance novels the heroine is precisely that) and I love her for it. Grace is a force of nature and it was beautiful to see her loving herself again. West is the bad boy, the broken young man we all love to hate/love. There is so much more to him, to why he is the way he is and I loved him to pieces. He is surely an alphahole but he also is extremely protective and it was a delight to read how he falls in love with Grace. I just adored this couple for what they go through and for how they fight with everything they have to get to their deserved happy ending.

“You don’t complete me, Grace Shaw. You create a better me.”

Of course, I am rating Playing with Fire with 5 STARS because this unique love story has shaken me to the core. I loved these characters, their personalities, their backgrounds and their striking chemistry. This story just kept my emotions on a roller coaster and I loved every single ride. Grace and West are so different but so perfect for each other and I am so glad Leigh decided to give us their wonderful love story. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. Highly recommend!

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