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ARC Review: ‘The Ex Talk’ by Rachel Lynn Solomon


4 ‘Love on air’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Rachel Lynn Solomon’s romantic comedy debut is a delightful treat to read! Rachel was a new author to me but that adorable cover caught my attention fast and I was all over the idea of this novel as soon as I finished reading the blurb. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed The Ex Talk because of its diversity, the powerful messages that our society needs to seriously think about, the uncommon aspect of a romance set in a public radio station, the amount of romance troupes (workplace, hate to love, fake exes, slight age-gap) and the banter and beautiful connection between the couple. This book was such a joy!

So, The Ex Talk is Rachel’s debut in the adult comedy romance world and it’s a standalone enemies to lovers that sucks you in with its storyline and characters. Shay Goldstein has been working in Seattle’s radio for ten years and she is not having it with Dominic Yun, the new “colleague” who keeps flashing his studies all over the place. Well, the radio station is not going well and they need something to save it. Shay has the idea to start a new section called The Ex Talk, where two exes talk about relationships. What she is not expecting is for Dominic to become her partner in crime and her fake ex-boyfriend. These two start really knowing each other and forbidden sparks light up.

This is only how it begins, I try to convince myself. We’re telling a story. That’s what radio is. The show will grow beyond our story—it has to. It’s the only way I can stomach our lie.

I am happily surprised by The Ex Talk and the characters Rachel Lynn Solomon has given us with her debut in the romcom world. I have to say, the story was really entertaining, the characters and their stories incredibly appealing and the couple adorable and deliciously sexy. I love a smart romance, with gripping characters and a couple with a beautiful connection and The Ex Talk definitely has all that. I loved how Shay and Dominic are so different from the typical romance couple but still having those romantic aspects that the romance lover in me was satisfied by.

“If I kissed you again,” he says, stepping closer, an intensity in his gaze I’ve never seen before, “it wouldn’t be for the show, or for research, or for any reason other than that I wanted to.”

This story made me think, laugh, cry and swoon and that is pretty much all I ask to enjoy a good read. I am so happy these two were not as different as they thought they were and that they have found happiness together. I do wish their actual relationship was a bit more developed, because the ending felt a bit rushed, but overall, I really loved this sweet romcom!

This is real. I have to keep reminding myself because otherwise I’m not sure I’d believe it.

Therefore, I am rating The Ex Talk with 4 STARS because I am thoroughly enjoy a well-done romantic comedy and Rachel Lynn Solomon did not disappoint with this one. I loved Shay and Dominic, their wonderful banter, the start of their relationship and how it developed to more. I loved their sweet, sexy and emotional love story and I hope Rachel writes more books like this one because I will sure be on the lookout for them. Guys, do not miss this one, I really do recommend it!

Grab your copy today!

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