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Release Blitz + ARC Review: ‘The Brazen’ by Willa Nash

The Brazen by Willa Nash is now live!

Book InfoTHE BRAZEN by Willa Nash
Calamity Montana Series


Kerrigan Hale’s personal life is about as exciting as a bucket of tar. With hard work and hustle as her steadfast companions, who needs romance or adventure? Her empire in Calamity, Montana, isn’t going to build itself.

For years, her mentor–and investor–helped make her dreams come true. Until his unexpected death put her fate in his grandson’s hands. A brazen billionaire, he seems intent on ruining Kerrigan’s life.

But if Pierce Sullivan thinks she’ll go down without a fight, he’s sorely mistaken. Pushed to the extreme, she drives to his ritzy mountain lodge to force the arrogant You Can Call Me Mr. Sullivan to hear her out.

No sooner does she arrive than a snowstorm traps her with Pierce. Stranded together for days, she’s in for the battle of her life. Pierce is nearly irresistible by candlelight. Without his suits and fancy cars, he’s almost human.

Except only a fool would let down her guard. And Kerrigan can’t risk her future. Not when she doesn’t know if he’s out to pilfer her dreams . . . or to steal her heart. today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
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5 ‘Snowed in’ Stars!

ARC provided via Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve been loving this series from the very beginning, but Willa Nash has surprised me even more with The Brazen. I am a sucker for enemies-to-lovers romance and forced proximity romance and Willa delivered 110% with this one. I can assure you this book has become my top favorite in the series (so far) and I think you’ll understand why when you meet and get to the heart of Kerrigan and Pierce’s love story. From start to finish, The Brazen is an absolute winner!

This is the third installment in Willa Nash’s Calamity Montana series, and it follows the story of Kerrigan Hale, a woman born and raised in Calamity who is fighting to keep her dreams afloat. Kerrigan meets Pierce Sullivan, the grandson of a late beloved friend and Kerrigan’s mentor who has been helping her achieve her goals, when he appears in Calamity to apparently ruin all her hard work. But Kerr is not giving up without a fight. However, what happens when these two get stranded together in Pierce’s cabin? Walls start to fall down and they are about to realize they cannot escape their true feelings for one another.

Everything about him elicited a physical reaction. How unfair was that? There weren’t many single men in Calamity. Why couldn’t I be attracted to one of them? Why did I have to feel this desire for the man trying to ruin me?

I.LOVED.THIS.BOOK. Period. I just truly love how this woman writes. She writes stories with relatable characters, not too much drama and a whole lot of heart. The Brazen is no exception to that. I assure you if you loved the other two installments in the series, you’ll love this one too. As I said, for now, it is my top favorite. Why? Pierce and Kerr have a very beautiful connection. They try to hate each other at the beginning but it is so clear there is a whole lot of chemistry and tension between them. And when they get stranded together, they are forced to accept it. And boy! It was sweet, it was heartwarming and it was HAWT. I just loved these two together and I loved the turn the story took towards the end. Willa did a fantastic job with this love story and these two outstanding characters!

“You are beautiful beyond words.”
Her breath hitched. “Pierce.”
“It’s selfish of me to have you.”
“Not if I want you too.”

Therefore, I am rating The Brazen with 5 STARS because it just gave me all the butterflies with its sweetness and heart. Kerrigan and Pierce are such wonderful characters (as individuals and as a couple) and it was beautiful getting to read how they fall in love. This story just melted my heart and it was surely awesome to be back in Calamity. I seriously cannot wait to read the next installment (those teasers about Nellie and Cal, OMFG!) and for everyone to read this addicting series!

The Author

Willa Nash is USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry’s alter ego, writing contemporary romance stories for Kindle Unlimited.

Lover of Swedish Fish, hater of laundry, she lives in Washington State with her husband and two sons. She was born and raised in Montana and has a passion for writing books in the state she calls home.

Connect with her on social media.



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