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Release Blitz + ARC Review: ‘There With You’ by Samantha Young

There With You by Samantha Young is now live!

Adair Family Series #2


For Regan Penhaligon, there’s no better place to run to than the exclusive Ardnoch Estate in the remote Scottish Highlands. Her impulsive behavior has finally caught up with her and Regan’s visit with her sister, Robyn, is an opportunity to hide from someone who has grown dangerously obsessed with her.

Determined to make amends for her mistakes, Regan plans to repair her relationship with Robyn by staying close. And when an offer of help comes from Thane Adair, Regan gratefully accepts.

Widower, Thane, needs a new nanny housekeeper for his two young children and when they bond with Regan Penhaligon, he offers her the job. But as the weeks pass and the complex American reveals who she really is, Thane struggles with his growing attraction to her.

Regan never expected to feel so intensely for Thane, but she can’t deny her passion for him or her love for his children. When someone from Thane’s past threatens his family, Regan wants to be his pillar of support. However, his continued inability to trust her might just destroy their chance at future happiness… and the person who drove Regan to Ardnoch might snuff out her chance for any future at all. today on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble!
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5 ‘Mo leannan’ Stars!

ARC provided via Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

I knew I had a jewel in my hands as soon as I started the Adair Family series from Samantha Young earlier this year. Samantha is one of my top favorite authors, she stole my heart with her Dublin Street series and I believe she will do the same with this one. I am looooooooving this new crew of characters and Thane and Regan were no exception. I actually had a few reservations regarding Regan, she seemed so very different in Here with Me, but I actually loved her so much. This couple is one of those you weren’t expecting to connect with and then, the complete opposite happened.

So, There with You is the second installment in Young’s Adair Family series and it focuses on Thane Adair’s story, the second oldest sibling in the family. Thane lost his wife a few years ago, he is now focused on his two adorable children and getting back to work. He does have a problem. He needs a nanny. Enter Regan Penhaligon. She is Robyn’s “wild” younger sister, a woman looking to mend her relationship with her sister after many mistakes. But Regan is hiding behind a mask and those layers start to peel when she arrives in Ardnoch. She becomes Eilidh and Lewis’ nanny and she and Thane find themselves fighting against a very strong chemistry. Will these two opposites find happiness together or is it just no-strings-attached sex?

Too much trouble?
That was an understatement.
Regan was trouble.
But only because he wanted her.
Like really, really was seriously lusting after her.

I am so happy with how Samantha developed There with You. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did! As I said earlier, Regan seemed like such a different character in the first installment and I did not like her much. But she actually is a very vulnerable and charming young woman, hiding her fears behind a mask that starts to peel when she reconciles with her sister. Also, Regan is very good with kids and all the scenes with the children are cuteness overload. I am a sucker for single parent/nanny love stories! Also it looks like age-gap is a running theme too (which I am not complaining about!).

“This is madness.”
“Then let’s just be mad,” she whispered back before pulling his head that last inch down to her mouth.

Thane is such a wonderful hero too. He adores his children, he is very focused on them but he is a bit afraid of starting a new relationship. That especially is enhanced when he finds himself extremely attracted to his children’s nanny. He doesn’t want to act on it and he keeps hurting Regan in the process. Regan falls for him very fast and, even though she is scared to get hurt, they start a passionate and forbidden affair. But what happens when that starts to affect the family? And what happens when the past keeps screwing things up for the Adairs and the Penhaligon sisters? And what happens when passion turns into love? You have to read this novel to find out! But it’s all very much worth it in the end, trust me.

I have everything I need when I’m with you.

Therefore, I am rating There with You with 5 STARS because I believe Samantha Young has created a whole new world that many romance lovers will absolutely adore. These characters have already found a place in my heart and I am sure they will steal many others! Regan, Thane and the children finally have the HEA they deserved and what started as a secret and intense affair ends up with two soul mates finding true love and happiness. I seriously cannot wait to read more in the series and I am so excited for the next story. Highly recommend reading this one!

The Author

Samantha is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over forty books, several of which have been nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards.

She writes adult contemporary and paranormal romance, YA urban fantasy and YA contemporary fiction. Her books have been published in 28 languages in 30 countries. She resides in Scotland.

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