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ARC Review: ‘The Heart Principle’ by Helen Hoang

The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang is NOW LIVE!!

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4.5 ‘No more masking’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I seriously love Helen Hoang. Not kidding. Like I fell in love at first read after The Kiss Quotient and many of us have been waiting for this very moment for what seems quite a long time. Quan’s story is finally here and my heart can’t take it! I knew Helen would give him a unique and wonderful love story and she did not disappoint. AT ALL. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, it was sweet and sexy and it has a whole lot of feels. Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this!

So, The Heart Principle is Helen’s third novel and also the third installment in her The Kiss Quotient series. We met Quan in the first book, he is Michael’s cousin and best friend, who also takes care of the behind the scenes side of the fashion business he has with Michael. But Quan has had a life changing experience and he is not feeling himself anymore. Enter Anna Sun. She is a super talented violinist who happens to feel trapped in her life and she is always trying to make everyone happy. Except her. That starts to change when she truly discovers herself and when she starts seeing Quan. Life is about to change for these two and a beautiful love story will flourish.

You’re a big deal—to me. You’re amazing—to me.
This yearning for her, this craving, it’s sunk so deep into me that it’s part of me now. This is how Quan is now. He’s crazy about this one girl.

You probably already know that Helen’s stories are special and out of the ordinary. All of them revolve around the autism spectrum and real life experiences. The Heart Principle is no exception and that is part of what makes this novel (and the other two in the series) so unique. Quan and Anna are such wonderful characters. They have their ups and downs, they have to deal with very difficult moments in their lives, they are a bit broken for different personal reasons and together they heal. Neither expected the connection that sparks between them from the very first message. Neither expected their “one-night” stand to become so much more. Neither expected to find true love and happiness. It was just so beautiful to see this couple leaning on each other, giving each other strength and falling in love. Their chemistry was sugary sweet and slow burning and it was so explosive when they finally acted on it. Two very different people found solace and true happiness together and it made my heart melt all over.

“You’ve been my bright spot. You’ve pulled me through. The only good thing this broken heart of mine can feel is love for you.”

Therefore, I am rating The Heart Principle with 4.5 STARS because Helen Hoang gave us another unique love story that I am sure many will love. She definitely delivered for the ones that have been impatiently anticipating it and it was such an amazing novel from start to finish. I loved Quan and Anna. I loved them as individuals, I loved their growth as characters, I loved how they learn to love themselves as they are and how they fall madly in love with each other. Trust me when I say, you have to start this series if you haven’t because it’s absolutely worth it. Highly, highly recommend!

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