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ARC Review: ‘Return All’ by Eve Dangerfield


3 ‘Little Miss’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I discovered Eve Dangerfield when everyone was raving about Act Your Age. She definitely caught my attention with that novel and her talent with contemporary steamy romance. So, you can imagine my excitement when Eve herself contacted me and asked if I wanted to review her upcoming release called Return All. I said yes instantly, and I got to enjoy a veeeeeeery steamy Daddy-kink romance!

So, as I said, Return All is Eve’s upcoming release and it’s the second installment in her Rebirth series. I can assure it can be read as a standalone because I haven’t read the first book and I still followed the story well. This is a second-chance love story between two high-school sweethearts who shared a very special connection but drifted apart because of unknown circumstances. Ten years later, they are having very different lives but as soon as they meet again it’s clear the chemistry is as strong as it was all those years ago. Derek is determined to win Mara back, but she will not make it easy for him, as their past is still very much affecting their possible future together.

This wasn’t a little girl. This was his little girl. He didn’t know he wanted one, but here she was. Someone to protect. Someone to love. And how lucky was that, to have gotten what you wanted before you even knew you wanted it?

Let’s just start by saying this couple has a CRAZY amount of chemistry. I mean, yeah, this book is all about Daddy/little girl kink and it’s developed at length. And I must confess, I am not a massive fan of that particular kink, but I do like to read it now and then. Eve sure knows how to go into detail about this theme and how to advance the love story with it. Nevertheless, I found it to be a bit too much sometimes since they have that in almost every aspect of their relationship, and I found the book was too focused on the kinky sex. Also, the characters’ behavior (especially Derek’s) got on my nerves SO MANY TIMES. He is such a massive jerk when it comes to realizing what he did wrong and how to resolve it. Mara though blossoms with time and it’s great to see her new self. And finally, towards the very end, Derek redeems himself and grovels enough to win Mara back.

“Did you know I’ll always want you? That I’ll always love you? That my life has been fucking stupid without you?”

Therefore, I am rating Return All with 3 STARS because while I definitely enjoyed the love story overall, I found some aspects about it that made me not enjoy it as much as I expected. I loved the chemistry between the couple, I loved the character development (especially Mara’s) and I loved the ending but still there were some things that I couldn’t get past. Still, I love Eve Dangerfield’s writing style and her quirky and filthy love stories so I will make sure to check more of her novels!

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