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ARC Review: ‘Weather Girl’ by Rachel Lynn Solomon

4 ‘Every version of you’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Another sweet, swoony romcom from Rachel Lynn Solomon! Rachel was a new author to me at the start of the year but as soon as I finished The Ex Talk I knew I would be reading more of her work. Her romantic comedies not only make you laugh: you swoon, you feel and you think. I devoured Weather Girl from start to finish, these characters are so endearing and their love story will sweep you off your feet!

So, Weather Girl is Rachel’s upcoming standalone romantic comedy and this one is focused on Ari Abrams and Russell Barringer, a TV meteorologist and a sports reporter who work in the same network and are having a difficult time with their divorced bosses. What happens when they start talking about it? Well, they scheme to play matchmaker and reunite them so their work environment gets better. What they didn’t expect is to fall for each other too as their matchmaking progresses.


First I want to make everyone aware, since Rachel also mentions this at the start of the book, Weather Girl deals with mental health, specifically depression. The author portrays one way of how depression affects a person and Ari is such a strong one because she is very much dealing with what goes on when a dark day hits her. But let’s go back to the romance part of the novel, Ari and Russ. These two! Are so freaking adorable! And how amazing is that Rachel gave us a plus-sized hero? That is definitely not typical in a romance novel and I loved how she developed that too. This couple is so charming and I loved seeing them fall for one another. They do love each other as just they are and that is beautiful to read. Also, they are pretty good matchmakers!

“Letting you get close is the best thing I’ve done in a long time, and it means the world that you brought me here. And none of what you said changes anything. It doesn’t change how I feel about you.”
“And how is it you feel about me, exactly?”
A wry grin. “I think you know, weather girl.”

Therefore, I am rating Weather Girl with 4 STARS because Rachel gave us another wonderful romantic comedy that made us swoon and think. I love novels that give you new aspects to think about and how that is developed together with the romance between the couple. Yes, I do think the ending was a bit rushed again but this story was so sweet, I melted all over! I do believe many readers will love this one so be sure to check it out!

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