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ARC Review: ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ by Giana Darling


4.5 ‘Two doves’ Stars!

ARC provided via Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

Giana Darling is one of those authors I am always happy to go back to. In this case, I was highly anticipating her newest release because, after the end of Dangerous Temptation, she left us with a massive cliffhanger and I literally could not wait to go back to Lion Court to see what happened next. I already knew she would not disappoint us with the ending of this duet. Giana gave Tiernan, Bianca, Brandon and the whole Bad Dream crew the ending they deserved: full of twists and turns, unexpected sweetness and a whole lot of steam and emotions.

So, Beautiful Nightmare is the second part of the Bad Dream duet and it starts right after the ending of Dangerous Temptation (make sure to read that one before continuing with this review!). Bianca is feeling betrayed after discovering the truth about Tiernan, she has left Lion Court and is now staying in the Constantine’s compound. But Tiernan is not giving up. He wants his little thing back and he will fight with tooth and nail to get her back. Nothing is getting in his way, even if there are a whole lot of dark obstacles in the way.

He was a monster. One who wanted to swallow me whole. Maybe a smarter girl would have tried to run away, but it seemed that whenever I picked up my feet, it was toward him I ran.

Oh man… the anticipation I had for this book was HUGE. And now I am happy to say it went beyond my expectations. This one is definitely my favorite out of the two parts in the duet because I am a sucker for a good grovel and seeing all the layers of already complex characters. Both Bianca and Tiernan are so much more than what we already saw in the previous installment. Bianca is a fighter with a lion heart and Tiernan is her beautiful nightmare who also happens to give her his most sweet and vulnerable side. I loved these two and the family they create with Brandon and The Gentlemen. I loved seeing the Morelli brotherhood and how they fight against their enemies. And I loved seeing this couple get their much-deserved happy ending.

“No one is all good or all bad, and together we’re the best combination of both.”

Therefore, I am rating Beautiful Nightmare with 4.5 STARS because it was the ending this wonderful couple (and family) deserved. Yes, it was a difficult one, full of darkness and suspense but still managing to have a sweet and emotional side to it that made me melt all over. I loved seeing a new side to Tiernan and Bianca and I loved how their burning chemistry continues at full power. Wow these two! SO HAWT. I cannot wait to read more of this world, and I hope Carter and other characters we’ve met in this duet have their chance to have a love story too. Well done, Giana! today on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo!
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