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ARC Review: ‘Love on the Brain’ by Ali Hazelwood

Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Under One Roof cover


4 ‘You can’t go too far’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Ali Hazelwood comes back with a bang with her second full length novel and you’ll fall even more in love with the STEM world! The Love Hypothesis was my favorite debut last year and I have to say that Love on the Brain is the most delightful continuation after it. Get ready for this enemies-to-lovers, slow burn romance because you’ll adore it as much as TLH.

So, Love on the Brain is a standalone book (in the same brainy world as TLH) and it tells the story between Bee Königswasser and her nemesis Levi Ward. These two have to work on a new project for NASA and their past is not helping the cause. Do they really hate each other though? Or can they finally see now, after both being single, that there is a very strong connection between them? What will win this time, fear or love?

Trust falls. With Levi Wardass. God, when did this become my life? Dr. Curie, please watch out for me.

If you enjoyed The Love Hypothesis, I am pretty sure you’ll love Love on the Brain. They are both in the same world but they are also very different from each other. And yes, they do have similar aspects as well but that what gives them Ali’s special touch. This novel is smart, quirky, full of tension, chemistry and emotions. The connection between Bee and Levi is too strong to ignore, they are so freaking adorable together and when that sparks? Holy moly. Let me tell ya, LOTB is still a slow burn but the steam level is higher than in TLH and I am here for it! As I said, such a wonderful addition to Hazelwood’s work.

“Bee. You want to belong. You want someone who won’t let go. I’m it. I didn’t let go of you for years, and I didn’t even have you. But you need to let me.”

Therefore, I am rating Love on the Brain with 4 STARS because I seriously loved this new nerdy couple, their smart and slow burn romance and their beautiful (and steamy) connection. I am sure Ali’s fans will be happy with this new book and they will fall in love with Bee and Levi (and their two adorable kitties!) as much as they did with Adam and Olive. Don’t miss reading this one if you loved Ali’s debut novel last year!

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