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ARC Review: ‘A Dirty Business’ by Tijan

She’s an absolute spitfire, and he wants to stoke that flame.

A Dirty Business by Tijan is NOW AVAILABLE!


4 ‘I choose you’ Stars!

ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I believe this is my first full-length novel I’ve read by Tijan. I’ve wanted to read something by this author for quite a while now and I never got around to do it until early this year when I read an anthology she was participating in. When I saw her upcoming release on NetGalley, I didn’t doubt for a second and I decided to dive in. Now I can I say I really enjoyed the start of this new mafia series and I cannot wait to read more about all these characters!

So, A Dirty Business is the first installment in Tijan’s new series called Kings of New York. It’s a forbidden mafia romance between Trace West, a Wall Street suit and the heir to one of New York’s biggest Mafia families, and Jess Montell, a parole officer with a very complicated background. There is an instant connection when these two meet at a hockey game but things are about to get really complicated when they realize the opposite worlds they both live in. Is their chemistry too strong to ignore? You’ll have to read this and find out!

I wanted her, and for the first time in a long time, I was considering throwing out my rules.
For her.

I have to say, I was into this story from start to finish. I devoured it in just a day because this taboo romance was just addicting. The connection between Jess and Trace is so intense from the very start and, while it’s very difficult for them to accept and act on that chemistry, their feelings for each other are too powerful to ignore. Their relationship is not an easy one, there are many obstacles between this couple, mainly because of the differences of worlds they live in. However, they still fall in love and it was such a treat to read their love story.

I was choosing him. Be damned or not, I couldn’t hide anymore.
Let the cards fall where they fall.

Therefore, I am rating A Dirty Business with 4 STARS because I thoroughly enjoyed my first full-length novel by Tijan (even though she left it with a MAJOR cliffhanger!!!) and I cannot wait to read the second book. It looks like this series will be all about romantic suspense, intense chemistry and a whole lot of feels. I am here for it! I really enjoyed getting to know Trace and Jess and the whole crew of secondary characters. I hope we get more stories about them too, especially after that cliffhanger at the end, gah!

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