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Release Blitz + ARC Review: ‘Promise Me Always’ by A.L. Jackson

I’ll do anything to protect her, but it’s my past that might destroy her in the end…

Promise Me Always by A.L. Jackson is NOW AVAILABLE!


I should know better than to let Tessa McDaniels pretend to be my fiancée.
I’m a dark, dangerous disaster who leaves destruction in his wake.
But when she offers to pretend to marry me to help me get my kids back, I can’t refuse. They are the one thing I have left to fight for.

Milo Hendricks found me at my lowest.
Battered and broken by my ex with no place to call home. When he insists I stay at his cabin with him, he sparks the feelings I’ve tried to suppress.
He’s only supposed to be my friend, but every time he comes in the room, he makes my knees weak.
This gorgeous, tatted, mountain-of-a-man who’s riddled with secrets.

Tessa is everything I crave but can’t have.
I shouldn’t touch her.
Shouldn’t make it real.
But she’s a red-headed flame I can’t resist, and I can’t help but take her to my bed.

Now we’re falling into an abyss of passion and need.
Loving her is easy.
Only we’re tied in ways we don’t know.
I’ll do anything to protect her, but it’s my past that might destroy her in the end…

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Narrated by: Connor Crais & Samantha Brentmoor

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5 ‘The very best team’ Stars!

ARC provided via Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

A.L. Jackson is one of those authors to me that, when I just finished one of her books, I realize I have highlighted almost the whole thing. Her Redemtption Hills series made me fall in love with her writing right after finishing the first book and now we are already in the last one (I think..). And of course, Jackson ended it up with a bang: a fake-fiancée, single-dad romance with two broken main characters that heal together, as a couple and as a new family (together with Milo’s kids and the whole crew we all know and love).

Promise Me Always is the fourth (and final?) installment in Jackson’s Redemption Hills series and it focuses on Tessa McDaniels (Eden’s BFF) and Milo Hendricks (Trent’s best friend and Absolution’s head bouncer). Tessa is just done with her last boyfriend, a man who did not deserve her and left her with nothing to take care of herself and her ailing big brother. Milo is fighting to have a good life and he needs help to get his two kids back. What if he finds himself a fake-fiancée to reach that goal? And what if that happens to be his new roommate / the woman he has wanted since he meet her at Absolution?

How in God’s name could I know something was so damned wrong, so at odds with every promise I had made, and crave it like it might be the only thing that could sustain my next breath?

I am just going to say it. This is one of the best books in the series. To me, the second best after Give Me a Reason. This love story just blew me away. I do love the “I want you but cannot let myself have you” troupe and Promise Me Always is one heck of an example. Difficult and past circumstances surround the lives of these main characters, is not easy to come back from them but the connection between Tessa and Milo is too strong to ignore. Yes, it does start as a friendly fake relationship but that turns into so much more. I just loved this couple together, I loved their chemistry, I loved that they made me FEEL and I loved them as a family together with Milo’s kids (Remy and Scout). This is definitely the ending Tessa and Milo deserved!

“It’s always you. How could I live without the sun?”
“I love you,” I whispered at his lips.
“Mad, mad love.”

Therefore, I am rating Promise Me Always with 5 STARS because this fake-fiancée / single-dad romance just took it to the next level. I loved the Beautiful Beast and his Little Dove. I loved that friendship turning into a lifetime together. I loved this book and I do believe this is the last installment in the series. I don’t want to say goodbye to this amazing crew that made me fall in love with A.L. Jackson but I am sure she will give us other characters to fall in love with in the future. Still, if you haven’t read the Redemption Hills series, what are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss this wonderful series, trust me!

The Author

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

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