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Alba’s 2017 Favorites..♥

Hello, my lovely friends! 2018 is almost here! I hope you all are having very happy holidays and a good entrance to the new year! As you can see by the title of this post it's that time of the year again to "try" and choose my absolute favorite reads of 2017. Man, it's so… Continue reading Alba’s 2017 Favorites..♥

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August 2017 Wrap Up + Top Pick

Hello everyone and Happy September! Well.. This girl is pretty sad that summer has almost ended! It surely is my favorite season and I kind of miss it because the weather has changed so much in my country already! But, as always, a new month is starting so you know what time it is! It’s… Continue reading August 2017 Wrap Up + Top Pick

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Review: ‘The Duchess Deal’ by Tessa Dare

5+ 'Dream. Hope. More' Stars! Now I completely understand many of my book friends swooning so hard over this book. I TOTALLY GET IT. This book was simply BRILLIANT. It's been the longest time since my last historical romance read and now this masterpiece just reminded me why I love it so much! I can't… Continue reading Review: ‘The Duchess Deal’ by Tessa Dare