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ARC Review: ‘Much Ado About You’ by Samantha Young

Much Ado About You by Samantha Young is now live!


4.5 ‘Lady porn’ Stars!

ARC provided by the the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I always like to start the New Year with a book from an author I am familiar with and who’s writing I love. This year I have chosen Samantha Young and her upcoming romantic comedy with Berkley. I’ve had the early copy of this book for a while now and I have to say my hype for it was quite big even though I could not start reading it until now. I wanted to begin 2021 with a feel-good love story and I definitely got that (and so much more!). Samantha stole my heart with her Dublin Street series and she continues stealing it with whatever I read that is written by her.

So, Much Ado About You is a standalone romance telling the story of Evangeline Starling, a woman in her early-thirties who has had enough of her life in Chicago after another dating failure and not getting the job she has been working for ten years. She quits and decides to have a much-deserved in an idyllic Shakespearean bookstore/apartment in England called Much Ado About Books. As soon as she arrives she starts making friendships and Northumberland starts to feel like the home she has always wanted. But there is just this thing: she has sworn off men. The problem is she meets Roane Robson, an all-around good guy / sexy and mysterious farmer who is decided to explore their connection even though Evie only wants friendship. Or does she?

Curse my luck!
I swear off men. I book a trip to England to find myself.
Instead I find a sexy English farmer who looked at me like he wanted to kiss my feet in thanks and then strip me naked to thank me some more.

Oh man, did I enjoy this book! As soon as I started reading I knew I would not be stopping until I finished it. I stayed late AF and I am not sorry for it (my sleeping schedule is though! lol). Much Ado About You is so much more than the typical romantic comedy, it’s filled with warmth, friendship, chemistry and emotions. And with Samantha’s unique style, I have to say I was all over this story. I am a sucker for romances that have lots of family/friend interactions and the crew of Much Ado About You has now a place in my heart because they were such loving characters. And you know what I also love? A friendship that develops into love. Evie and Roane’s connection was heartwarming, filled with sexual tension and a whole array of feelings. And I adored that.

“You think too well of me,” I whispered, worried for us both.
“You’re not perfect, Evie, rationally I know that.” He let out a long sigh. “But you’re perfect to me.”

Characters with depth and vulnerabilities make them so much realistic to me and Evie and Roane did not fail on that. Evie is freaking ME. Like to a T. I am not even kidding. I see myself in her in so many ways and that made me love her even more. And Roane.. *sigh* Can I still ask for him as a belated Christmas present? Because he was an amazing hero. He is such a good guy. I loved how he loves the ones around him and protect them. And I loved the way he feels about Evie. It’s so clear that he adores her from the very start and that depth of emotions developing into such an intense chemistry.. GAH, I am in love. I just loved this couple so much and I am so happy I decided to read Samantha’s book as my first this 2021!

Our wants were in sync, as most everything between us was.

Therefore, I am rating Much Ado About You with 4.5 STARS because this feel-good romance was exactly what I needed to get 2021 off to a good start. It melted my heart with its outstanding characters, the interactions between them, the friendship and loving relationship between Evie and Roane (and Shadow!) and their explosive chemistry. That’s how you start a new year, with a story that engages you completely and makes you devour it in a single sitting. Samantha Young, well done lady and I cannot wait to read more of your creations soon. Highly recommend this lovely romantic comedy! today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play!
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2 thoughts on “ARC Review: ‘Much Ado About You’ by Samantha Young

  1. Samantha Young is such a consistent author tho, I don’t think I have ever read anything by her that I did not like. I’ve been seeing this book all over my feed since yesterday, so I think I really need to go and add it to my TBR now that you’ve said how relatable the characters are. Love the review Alba (◕‿◕)♡

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